Always be asking why

Wondering why your website does not convert or struggling to find and secure customers?

How can we use UX Design and Sales Coaching for your business ?

I use two powerful tools to find answers

UX Design

User Experience Design is a process aiming at delivering a beautiful, complete and meaningful experience. It nourishes from users’ input making sure we are aligned with their needs.

Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching develops people’s skills and habits based on their personalities and goals. By leveraging the person’s qualities, this approach delivers more sustainable results than regular trainings.

I almost forgot!
Hi there, I’m Charly

Charly with a why.

I created this company because I believe that you can achieve great things when you ask questions. With questions comes understanding. Being curious about everything, I ended up having a lot of them…

Like when, 14 years ago, as a purchaser, I asked the sales team why we were losing deals (tough question). It led me to a 9-years career in sales (I am THAT curious.). While progressing, I started questioning myself and thinking that there was more to it.

And there was!

I realized that I could share my sales experience with others while bringing an extra touch: this was the entrance of UX Design (Who said TADA in the background?). Later, wait a minute…

I feel this text is fairly long already, what do you think?

What can you get from me?

Through UX/UI Design:
  • Get to know your customer’s and user’s needs to meet them.
  • A new website or the design of a new mobile app.
  • An update of the design, the navigation, the architecture of your website or your app.
  • An UX analyse of your digital presence with key improvements points.
Through sales coaching:
  • Recognize your value and the worth of your business.
  • Sell your products/services without losing your soul!
  • Identify your strengths and leverage them.
  • Learn how to find and keep customers.
  • Plan and execute a long-term sales strategy for your business.

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