I am glad that you want to know more

After 9 years of developing my sales skills (soooo many calls and emails!). I needed to take a break to find what would be my next big step. I went through personal coaching that brought the realization that I valued learning and teaching. It felt natural to offer my sales knowledge to others so that they can achieve their own dreams. At that time, I knew I wanted to create my company. But, I needed to add a twist…

As a kid, I always wanted to be a designer (true story). Besides, always being so customer-centric as a sales representative (lots of questioning, remember?), UX Design came instinctively. I studied UX/UI with extensive training of 600 hours. The very hands-on approach, the numerous discussion with my mentor and my tutor helped me understand and, hone the process required to create the best possible experience for users.

Picture of Charly ready to work on your next UX project or your sales coaching.

My mission

Simply put, I want to inspire you to be daring!

By supporting businesses that go against the flow, I wish to celebrate the difference. Since I believe that difference can make a difference in the world, step by step.

I believe that the sales and UX duo can achieve wonders. Both focused on the customers and users they can create the groundwork for long term success.

Charly working on an UX Design project

Facts about me

  • I am French, living in Amsterdam for 10 years.
  • I always aim at quality and am never satisfied with quick fixes,
  • I’m persistent, I don’t give up easily,
  • I believe that going to the root cause of a problem is the best way to fix it,
  • And also, everything can be improved,
  • I hate BS, big time,
  • I am a computer whisperer,
  • I love LEGO.
Picture of Charly

My values


I am a very honest person and I feel people can have the same level of honesty back at me. This is my way of ensuring we have a true and balanced relationship.

Always Learning

My curiosity brought me to discover many subjects and I truly think that you can learn a lot from people even though it might not look like it.


In everything I do, I optimize to avoid repeating the same things. I mean, you should check my dishwasher! It’s a real LEGO (Have I mentioned I love LEGO?)


Learning is a long and difficult process and bringing a bit of fun to the table helps our minds imprint new information.

My career timeline


A hands-on 6 months training combining both theoretical and practical projects. Navigating through the design thinking process, I worked on two virtual projects while presenting very real outcomes.

Just me

Rethinking my career and taking care of my health. Planning and training for the next move!

Sales representative

Creating and applying an outbound strategy. Finding new customers, conducting product presentation sessions. Transitioning existing customers from partner to direct sales.

2013 - 2018
Sales representative

I generated and qualified leads along with new and existing opportunities. I specialized in cross-selling / up-selling, increasing the footprint with the existing customer base. I participated in and led virtual and on-site customer meetings from small to large projects.

2011 - 2012
Business Development Representative

Going on the other side of the fence! In the second hand IT hardware, generating leads, creating cold calling, emailing templates and prospect list. This was a great learning step, nothing is more valuable than discussing with real customers.

2008 - 2012

Change of scenery because, well, I just needed the money! Working with international suppliers, communicating with the sales and logistic teams, managing promotion, technology-watch and stock levels.

Junior - multi-tool - designer

Working on both web design and print. My very beginnings with HTML, CSS, CMS and website integration. Creation of leaflets, business cards,...