What can sales coaching do for me?

Anyone can learn anything


Gain confidence

Do you hesitate before talking to a potential customer? Through practice and exercise, you can better deliver your message to new or existing customers.


Understand your customers

Figure out what happens when you lose a deal or when you win one! Rely on facts to build your approach and create better relationships.


Choose your customers

Establish who you are looking for, deploy a strategy to find and qualify new customers.


Nurture your customer base

Finding new customers is hard and expensive. Keep your customers happy and increase your footprint with them.


More wins, bigger wins

Of course, you will increase your revenue. You will also increase the average deal size making it easier for you to reach your objectives.


Leverage your skills

Make things easier by relying on what you are good at. Use this advantage whenever you exchange with your clients.

Where do I start ?

Be proud! Considering to start a sales coaching is a great step towards success.

To start things off, we can have a conversation together to discuss your challenges. From that, I create a plan that will determine how we will get there.

Here are a few things we can work on:

  • Establishing your values as a business
  • Creating authority in your market
  • A sales process
  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Staying focused and motivated

How does it work?

After our conversation, we can establish how to best support your needs.


You can use them to discuss specific subjects (an opportunity, your prospecting effort, a product launch,…).

One credit equals one hour, with a minimum of 5. They are valid for 1 year.

A tailor-made program

To make sure we address any underlying issues that might need fixing.

It always comes with at least one follow up session, a few months after the coaching.

A concrete example

You went through complete sales coaching and, after 3 months, you are facing a big project that you feel is harder for you to win. You can leverage the credits to discuss it with me and think of a strategy to secure the customer.

I want more!

We can dig a little deeper with the creation of a complete sales strategy.

By defining how your business is positioned in its market, working on the creation of a sales funnel with associated KPIs, or the tools and budget required to achieve our plan we can create solid foundations for your future success.

Is sales coaching for me?

Yes, if:

  • You created your company during this year and you are unsure how to translate your passion into commercial arguments to win deals.
  • Your company is 2-4 years old and you feel that, despite your current efforts, things are not as they should be.
  • You want to gain visibility and control over your sales.
  • You are motivated for a change in the situation.

No, if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix that may deliver short term results.
  • You don’t feel like investing in yourself to reach your goals.
  • You don’t like a good laugh from time to time. I am very sorry for you if that is the case.

Can I have a bit of UX/UI with that?

Yes, of course! I will always consider your digital presence as a part of your sales effort. I can leverage my UX/UI expertise to help you improve these tools, aligned with what we established during our coaching sessions.

Depending on your needs and budget I can, for example, go from a usability analysis of your website to a complete redesign of it.

Do you want to dicuss your project?

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