What can UX Design do for me?

Make the difference, provide an excellent experience


Increase conversion

While a good User Interface (UI) can increase your website's conversion rate by 200%, a better UX design will double that percentage to a whopping 400% (Based on Forrester Research.).


Reduce the development cost

Implementing UX at the early stage of a project will avoid costly post-release fixes. Doing so can cost up to 10 times more (according to Robert Pressmen's book "Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach".).


Create a better brand

If you had to choose between a business that brought you a terrible experience on their website versus one that answered all your needs - and even went beyond them. Which one will you choose? And more importantly, which one will you advocate for?


Lower the support costs

When you addressed all your users' expectations beforehand and deliver a complete and thoughtful experience, you will reduce friction, thus diminishing the number of questions they might have about your product or service.

How do I implement UX Design?

First, you reach out to me, and it’s done! Well, we wished it was that simple.

The first step is correct though, by discussing your current digital presence or next project we can establish what best fits your need.

Then I work my magic by delivering one of the following:​

Illustration of a target with an arrow in the center

Competitive audit

Identify where there is room for improvements and differentiation.

User research

Better understand the goals and motivations of your customers/users.

Usability testing

Leveraging user’s input to identify   how a system performs and how easy things are for use.

Heuristic analysis

Looking through the UX design eye and identifying the good and bad practices.

Accessibility analysis

I vote for a web that can be used by anyone. Doing this study will make sure your digital product respects the W3C standards.

And more…

This is just a snapshot of the numerous possibilities. Each of them, as for my designs, are aligned with real needs.

There are plenty of approaches and it is my role to establish what is best for you. Just remember one thing: UX Design is based on user input and data, not on hunches.

The elements above are powerful tools that confirm our hypothesis. The complete process allows us to stay aligned with your customers.

Ok, how does that really translate?

I am glad you asked. Check below what I have been working on lately.

Here is where I can help

Knowing your customers

  • User interview
  • User personas
  • Journey map
  • Competitive Audit
  • Value proposition
  • Surveys

Improving the existing

  • Stakeholders Interview
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Preference Test
  • A/B Testing
  • Usability Testing

Creating your next product

  • Web sites
  • Native applications
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Design Systems
  • A bit of coding

Can I have a bit of sales coaching with that?

Yes, and I am glad you are asking. What is the point of a great application or an awesome website if we don’t have the foundation to market it?

Feel free to discuss the sales topic with me. We can add part or a complete sales coaching to increase the success of your new platform.

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